The team at Baxter has been designed to serve the unique needs of commercial clients.  We understand that many people depend upon the products and services offered by each business we serve;  from employees to suppliers and consumers.   And when the electricity stops flowing or the HVAC stops working, it has a significant impact on the business.  

Time is money and communication is critical.  That's why Baxter has invested in people and systems to deliver an exceptional end to end experience for each and every client. We have developed a proprietary hiring system to ensure that our technicians are expertly skilled in their trade and highly customer focused.  

While you won't find our technicians wearing a suit and tie, our clients who do have told us they appreciate how our employees take pride in their appearance, are unobtrusive in the workplace and are respectful of their employees and customers.  

Our leadership team is accessible and proactive in communicating with our clients.  We don't hide behind voicemail or layers of staff.  In fact, it's not uncommon to see one of our leaders on a work site, to meet with clients and ensure our high standards of quality are being delivered.  

Meet the

Steve Wynn President of Baxter Commercial Services
Steve Wynn
President & 
Director of HVAC Services

e: steve@baxtercompanies.com
p: 405-341-3944 Ext 107

Steve joined Baxter in 2006 to launch the HVAC services group tapping into his 20+ years of industry and customer service experience.  In 2008, he acquired the company and has led the growth and expansion of services since that time.   In addition to strategic guidance for Baxter, Steve remains close to our clients by leading our commercial HVAC service division. 

Joshua Morphew is the CEO for Baxter Commercial Services
Joshua Morphew
Chief Executive Officer -

e:  josh@baxtercompanie.com
p:  405-341-3944 Ext 102

Josh joined Baxter in 2010 to leverage his background his experience in finance and B2B service.  Recognizing the unique needs of the commercial client, Josh set forth the strategy to better understand the needs of owners, facility managers and property managers and develop Baxter Commercial Services to better service the commercial community. 
Vicki Wynn is the Director of Finance at Baxter Commercial Services
Vicki Wynn
Director of Finance -

e:  vicki@baxtercompanies.com
p:  405-341-3944 Ext 111

Vicki has a tremendous depth of experience in financial operations as both an entrepreneur, in healthcare and contractor services.  She has been pivotal in developing quoting and billing systems for Baxter Commercial that deliver a level of accuracy, transparency and accountability that set a new standard for our industry. 
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