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Baxter has been providing professional commercial HVAC services to Oklahoma businesses since 2006.   The demand for quality commercial HVAC service was outstripping the supply, so our entry was really at the request of our commercial electrical clients. 

We all know that Oklahoma weather can move from one extreme to the other in a just a few hours.   These shifts can put extra strain on an HVAC system.   The technicians at Baxter understand this and look for signs of system stress and potential failure.  They know that if you can't keep your employees comfortable, it could impact business productivity. 

Baxter Commercial can offer installation, repair and preventative maintenance on almost any air conditioning and heating system.  

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Is Baxter a Good Fit for Your Business Needs?

We've found that with commercial HVAC the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure holds true.  When we are called out for a repair, we will look beyond the point of failure to identify root cause.  We want to address the entire problem not just what broke.   Taking this approach minimizes risk for the business and ensures more continuous up time.  

We work best with businesses that value our approach to getting it right the first time.  We probably wouldn't be a good fit for those who want a temporary fix to just get by.  
The only thing that is predictable about Oklahoma weather is that it will change.   From dry to humid, drought to deluge and hot to cold, Baxter Commercial Services is the only partner you need for for keeping your HVAC system in top shape so that business can continue regardless of the weather.  For the best in HVAC service in Oklahoma contact Baxter today at 405-341-3944. 
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