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When you update your commercial parking garage lighting with Baxter Commercial Services you will improve the visibility and safety for your customers and you can significantly reduce operating costs with lower electricity usage and lower maintenance.     

A poorly lit parking garage can lead to lower revenue as visitors and customers worried about personal safety will opt for brightly lit parking instead. Moreover, brighter parking garages can lead to lower fender benders because patrons can see obstacles, pedestrians and cross traffic better.  

The licensed electricians with Baxter can evaluate your current situation to help you determine if retrofitting your existing fluorescent lighting could improve your patron experience and your bottom line.   

As part of the evaluation, your Baxter professional will measure your current electrical demand and calculate the estimate reduction in electrical usage and maintenance costs. You may be surprised just how much money you could save year after year on your electric bill. 
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If your existing parking garage lighting is more than 5 years old, uses fluorescent or mercury vapor bulbs, there is a good chance you are paying to much in Operations & Maintenance costs and getting too little in terms of safety and security.  Baxter Commercial Services can help you improve safety and security while reducing O&M with highly efficient LED parking garage lighting.  Contact Baxter today to learn more.  405-341-3944
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