Ice Storm Recovery

What you can do if your business is impacted by an ice storm power outage

What are your options when your business loses power due to an ice storm?
Many of your options are based upon whether the outage is the result of direct or indirect storm impact. 

Indirect Outage
Indirect impact happens when there is a line transmission failure somewhere in the utility company system.  It is then up to the utility provider to make repairs to restore power.  Normally the utility will start by restoring power to critical services like hospitals, fire stations and police departments first and then everyone else after that. 

Direct Outage
Direct impact happens when the outage is caused by damage to the lines on your property. An example of this is if your business has overhead lines that run from the utility poles to your building and a tree or tree limb fell causing your lines to be damaged.  The utility provider is not responsible for making repairs under these conditions.  Instead, it is the responsibility of the business or the property owner to arrange for repairs. 

The utility company will often turn off power to the property until repairs have been made.   Typically the utility will not turn power back on until they are able to verify repairs have been made by a licensed electrician.  For this reason, it is important to select a licensed electrical contractor capable of performing the work and providing you with the documentation you need for the utility company.  

Preparing for Power Restoration

Power surges are common when utility service is restored and they can also happen at the time of failure.  These surges can cause damage to both regular and sensitive business equipment.  If you don't have surge protection in place for your equipment, one recommendation is to turn off all breakers in your electrical panels before power is restored.  This way you can ensure that utility power is stable before you re-energize your circuits.  
If your business has a lot of sensitive electronic equipment (computers and printers fall into this category), surge protection can help keep a bad situation from getting worse.  

Business Resiliency Planning

In Oklahoma, electrical power can be interrupted by many kinds of storms.  Many businesses have recognized the importance of 'keeping the lights on' under any circumstance and have built in contingencies to their business resiliency plans.   Baxter Commercial Services can help companies understand and mitigate risks associated with power outages.  

Planning for Power Interruption

Baxter Commercial Services has vast experience in designing and implementing business solutions for keeping your business running before, during and after storms.  Solutions include:
  • Permanently installed backup power generation solutions
  • Needs assessment to ensure only business critical operations have backup power
  • Transfer switches that allow for the connection of trailer mounted electrical generators
  • Emergency battery power to allow for controlled shut down of equipment
  • Power conditioning
  • Surge protection
  • Circuit isolation
Whether your business has been impacted by a storm or you want to make sure it isn't impacted by future storms, call Baxter Commercial Services at 405-341-3944.  We can help. 

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