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What We Do

Baxter Commercial Services helps businesses stay in business. We deliver on this by keeping the lights on and creating a comfortable, productive indoor working climate. 

Why We Do What We Do

It's really quite simple. When you enjoy what you do and you take pride in your work, it shows. Commercial services was a natural extension from our residential services. Many of our residential customers own or manage businesses and would often ask if Baxter offered commercial services. 

As we built relationships with commercial accounts, facility and property managers shared stories of their frustrations in working with other contractors and the impact that had on their business.

Every story we heard further reinforced the desire to set ourselves apart from all other 'service' companies. 

When we asked our clients what was different about Baxter they told us that HOW we do our jobs was more important than WHAT we do. As an example, clients told us they would expect all electricians to be able to run wiring.  Yet the reason they continue to call Baxter is because of how our electricians get the job done.  

Our clients described the HOW with words like Professional, Courteous, Dependable, Reliable, Quality, Flexible, and Different Than Others. 

Solving the Problem Behind the Problem

Along the way we learned that when a commercial organization calls us they are usually trying to solve for more than one problem. They may call us because they lost power, and that indeed is a problem. Yet behind that overt problem are many less visible and potentially more impactful problems.  

For example, if their business isn't running, they can't generate revenue, they may have to pay employees to sit idle, customers could lose confidence in them or the business may have to file certain regulatory reports and pay fines.  

Our clients appreciate that Baxter understands the totality of the problem and that clarity in communication matters. Asking the right questions allows us to establish accurate expectations and mutually agree on next steps.   

We appreciate the confidence our clients put in Baxter for the work we do and for sharing their vision of their ideal service partner. Thanks to our clients we were able to develop The Baxter Commercial Difference.  

How long have you been waiting for service the way it should be? Contact us today to experience The Baxter Commercial Difference for your business. 
The Baxter Commercial Difference
Superior craftsmanship
Technicians who respect your clients and employees
Personal access to Baxter leadership team
Detailed upfront pricing
Itemized, typewritten invoicing
Flexible payment options
Professional, courteous office staff
Emergency 24/7 Service

Industries we help best

Professional Offices
Call Centers
Community banks
Outpatient Healthcare
Senior Living Centers
Childcare Facilities
Education facilities
Non-profit organizations
Apartment Complexes
Faith based facilities
Manufacturing facilities
Government facilities
Ever notice that electrical and HVAC problems never happen when it is convenient?  Baxter Commercial is ready to help you get your business back up and running 24 / 7.  Give our locally staffed hotline a call at 405-341-3944. 
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